Our Team at PurposeBlack is extremely excited that you accepted our invitation to become an investor in our company.

PurposeBlack is a brand-new initiative which is established to become the next Black world Amazon by integrating Africa and Black communities all over the world into the global digital economy. PurposeBlack plans to empower African and Black communities across the globe by creating access to the global marketplace, promoting export, reducing unemployment, encouraging innovation, and most importantly promoting the spirit of partnership.

PurposeBlack is a revolutionary Black marketplace which provides a platform through which Black businesses can sell online. The marketplace is aimed at providing a safe haven through which new entrepreneurs can grow and thrive online. Through the platform, PurposeBlack helps Black people support Black excellence all over the world.

You are one of the selected few potential investors who are invited to invest and become part owners of PurposeBlack. Your investment is needed to support PurposeBlack’s global expansion. Please read the Private Placement Memorandum and use the Invest Now link to complete the online share purchase process. You may reach out to our CEO Dr. Fisseha Habtemariam if you need additional clarification.

Dr. Fisseha Habtemariam
CEO, PurposeBlack
+1 (202) 735-4262

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