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American College of Technology (ACT) is a higher learning institution established with a mission of producing internationally competent professionals in Business Administration and Computer Science fields at postgraduate level. The program is delivered in collaboration with the US based Maharishi University of Management (MUM) through deploying computer scientists and entrepreneurial experts with significant industry experience.

The program inspires and provides students a unique opportunity to challenge the conventional wisdom underpinning professional careers in management and computer science. It places  high  demand  on  both  students'  abilities  and  dedication,  and  consequently it is best suited for those   with a good standing academic caliber. It is, thus, both empowering and engaging in creating a progressive and inclusive campus culture to produce highly skilled and internationally competent business and computer science professionals who will have the technology and business acumen to innovate and excel towards the acceleration of the economic transformation of the Country.

ACT is founded by Ethiopian born Diaspora professionals who have keen interest to bring knowledge and technology transfer to Ethiopia for a positive socio-economic change. Given the current improving political environment, the main investor, Dr. Asmamaw Atnafu Mengistie, believed in the importance for the Ethiopian Diaspora to become a strong supporter of Ethiopia’s development vision through the establishment of a unique entrepreneurial and innovation-oriented business and technology higher learning institution in the Country. Dr. Asmamaw has more than two decades of business and management experience including establishing a US Gov’t recognized technology training center, namely Sholla Technology - located in Silver Spring, Maryland, that trained over 1,300 Ethiopian IT professionals for high paying jobs in the competitive markets of the US.

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