PurposeBlack Vendor Return Policy

PurposeBlack Return Policy

Returns, refunds and cancellations


To process a return request, go to your vendor dashboard you can click on your orders tab, where you can review, authorize, or decline requests.

Once you receive a return, if the product was returnable item during purchase we expect you to process a refund to the buyer within three- five business days. If you do not process a refund after five days PurposeBlack reserves the right to refund the buyer and charge the amount to your Vendor account.

To avoid a negative customer experience, actively monitor the refund to ensure that it is issued to the buyer in a timely manner.

To ensure a consistent experience for buyers, you must match or exceed PurposeBlack's return policies. When we calculate the returned product delivery time, we take into consideration that carriers might scan the package up to 24 hours prior to actual delivery to your facility. We recommend that you respond to return requests within 24 hours.


You need to process a refund when you have received a return request from a buyer, a returned shipment, or have arranged to refund a purchase.


If a buyer asks you to cancel an order and you have not yet shipped and confirmed the shipment, you can cancel it in your vendor dashboard.

If you have already confirmed an order as shipped, you can authorize the return request in your vendor dashboard.